One of those funny things… whenever someone asks me to tell about myself I find myself at a loss for words.  You know, I'm me.  Nothing more, nothing less.

I'm a mom and a wife.  And I love being those things.  I'm an artist, or so my grandmother says – she's the one resposible for the name, by the way.  When I was little she would sing it to me, "Oh, tonya-begonia, how I love you."  Pretty silly, really.  (But its always nice to know you're loved!)

Anyway, I'm doing this blog thingy for 2 reasons:  1. I love to write and since I needed to quit working a few years ago due to health problems I don't really have an outlet to do that.  Not that I've felt like writing much for this past little spell.  It is such an intimate thing to sit down and ask God for inspiration, trusting Him to give you the perfect words to encourage or inspire someone who needs it.  And, because of the extreme turn in my physical well-being I didn't want to ask God for much..  I kind of felt abandoned… but those are musings for another day.

And reason #2: I LOOOOOVE to scrapbook and make cards and to share it with others – again I love that I can show or give someone a little piece of my heart through the medium of paper.  Pretty amazing stuff!  I lead a Bible study that incorporates scrapping projects into the study and it is so amazing to see how God is using this… but, again, musings for another day…

Well, now you know a little about me and why I'm doing this; I hope you'll check back soon.

If there is a topic you would like me to write about, or a paper-crafting technique you would like instruction on, please post; I love the thought of having your ideas on hand and your questions answered (about scrapping/stamping, anyway!)

May God bless you deeply!

In Him,

tonya renee

Life verse:  "For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth strengthening those who earnestly seek Him."   2 Chronicles 16:9


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